Tuesday, February 2, 2010

cannabis seeds

Remember the outcry in 1979 when former U.N. Ambassador Andrew Young told the world that cannabis seeds the U.S. had more political prisoners than any other nation? (Amnesty International, UCLA.) Lasting RemnantsEven though blackface disappeared as law in the late 1920s, as late as the 1960s, black entertainers (such as Harry Belafonte and Sammy Davis, Jr.) still had to go in the back door of theatrical establishments, bars, etc.; by law!They couldn't rent a hotel room in Las Vegas or Miami Beach - even while being the headline act.Ben Vereen's 1981 Presidential Inauguration performance for Ronald Reagan presented this country's turn-of-the-century Blackface/Jim Crow laws in a great story, about black comic genius Bert Williams (circa 1890 to 1920).