Thursday, October 25, 2007

from cannabidiol to THC

Metal pot of at least 2000 ml as hot oil bath for heating boiling flask.Thermometer for monitoring the oil bath temperature.Sparkless electric hotplate.Rheostat to control temperature of hotplate from outside the box.Ring stand and proper clamps for securing flask and condenser.Cottonseed oil.Acetic anhydride.Immersible water pump, bucket, and hoses for filling condenser.The principle of the refluxing operation is approximately the same as was used for
isomerizing the cannabidiol to THC with the kitchen apparatus (in italian: semi marijuana). The explosive and noxious nature of the acetic anhydride necessitates the use of the safety box. Although a glove box is unnecessary for the operations of extraction and isomerization using the kitchen method previously described, these steps may also be done in the box as an added measure of safety. The solution of acetic anhydride and cannabis oil is boiled in the round-bottom flask. The fumes rise into the icewater-cooled condenser, where they are condensed back into liquid, thus relieving the pressure created by boiling. The drops then fall back into the solution.

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