Wednesday, October 24, 2007

the most potent marijuana

The glass tube is spaced a bit above the emulsion layer; any ether/oil solution not removed will be recovered later. The ether/oil solution in the collection jug is saved. Another volume of fresh petroleum ether is added to the extraction by inverting, separating, and collecting the ether solution, which is added to the first ether/oil solution. This process is repeated until the ether layer remains clear after inverting. This indicates that the ether-soluble oil is totally extracted from the alcohol-and-water layer. No more than several ounces of the combined ether/oil solution is put in the stainless-steel pot, and the collection pan is placed in the colander. The apparatus is reassembled, as was done for the removal of the solvent from the oil after soxhleting. The rig is placed in the water bath and slowly heated to 140°F. After evaporating and collecting the ether (saved for future use), the stainless-steel pot with the oil is put into a boiling water bath for several minutes and stirred occasionally to remove any residual traces of solvent. The refined oil thus obtained is much superior to the oil obtained from the original alcohol extraction.

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