Monday, November 5, 2007

cannabis weekend

Save the green solvent and replace the wet herb in the soaking vessel.Add the fresh solvent to the herb in the soaking vessel and soak for another 24 hours.Pour off the solvent through the filter paper, add the green solvent to that obtained before, and re soak again in fresh solvent. Repeating this process several more times has cut my soxhleting time to often less than two hours for complete extraction. I work during the week and I like to have as much time as
possible on the weekends, so I have used this process to cut my actual machine operation time to just a few hours. I begin my soaking on Sunday and change the solvent every night until the next Saturday. This takes about five minutes each night. I begin soxhleting Saturday morning, and after a very short time the cannabis is almost completely brown, indicating a good extraction. I then Isomerize® and am smokin’ by noon. It seems to me that if you have cannabis and solvent you should always have some soaking.Several extra cycles of soaking in fresh alcohol will cut the extraction time considerably.

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