Thursday, November 8, 2007

not only thc

You’re right again on the long-term storage of cannabis. There is probably no better form than 8-on-1 Isohash for long-term storage. What happens when cannabis gets old and loses its power is that the THC oxidates into a non-psychoactive substance. Exposure to air, light and heat cause this to happen. Any substance that has been processed should be kept in an airtight, light proof container in the freezer.Hi. I just came up with a hash-making method that produces a product far superior to that of 0l’ Tex! I just happened to find this out while checking out that article on the Isomerizer in Head magazine. I was familiar with the Isomerization process as I had gone to a college medical library and looked up the formula reference given by David in Cannabis (semi di marijuana). Kicking the cannabidiol element over to high-rotating THC is a pretty clear-cut thing. Well, I decided to dig into this decarboxalation trip and see what it was all about. It was while checking this out at the library that I came across the hash making method that should cause me to go down in the annals of Hash Making History.

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