Thursday, November 1, 2007

it's just cannabis

After removing all the solvent and draining the condenser, the drums are opened, and all the cannabis material is scooped out and stored in a closed drum. The cannabis oil/solvent mixture is replaced in the lower drum and assembled for distillation and collection of the solvent. The funnel, which is held by the empty soxhlet chamber, collects the recondensed drops of pure solvent as they fall from the tubes. Graines de cannabis.The liquid runs through a hose to the fitting on the side of the drum. Another hose on the outside takes the solvent to a receiving barrel, where it is collected. When all the solvent is evaporated, a heavy film of oil coats the bottom of the lower drum. This is redissolved in a small amount of solvent and the mixture is removed from the drum. The mixture is stored in an unbreakable container. The damp, powdered cannabis is replaced in the drum and the solvent just removed and collected is added. The apparatus is assembled and operated as before, then refluxing for three hours, draining and collecting the oil. The bottom of the soxhiet chamber is fitted with a filter paper and set in the lower drum.

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