Monday, November 12, 2007

A well-used and resinous pipe screen also works well. There may be a difference in the potency of the oil when smoked in this manner (placing the flame directly on the oil). When the oil is smoked in an oil vaporization pipe or on aluminum foil, the oil is not actually burned, but distilled. The heat of the lighter causes the oil to vaporize and your lungs act as a condenser. The product actually entering your lungs is slightly different than when the oil is actually burned. Perhaps this accounts for the more predominant tendency to cough when the oil is smoked in the oil pipe.Thanks for the recipe for “Texas Super Hash”, but can anyone suggest a good binding agent or some type of press for the hash? It seems that mine never hardens fast enough before I smoke it; and I’d like to add that people around here are amazed at what my little toy can do (semi di marijuana). Many thanks for introducing the to Massachusetts.

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